Volunteer Spotlight – Meet Leigh

Leigh, our admin volunteer, has been volunteering with FareShare North East since April 2020. Like many other people, Leigh is mindful about the preposterous state of affairs between overconsumption and food waste on the one hand, and the fact that there are many people out in the community in need of food for both themselves and their families.

“I have always felt strongly about food poverty which was why I didn’t hesitate to volunteer with FareShare North East. I now also volunteer at another food charity, helping to cook and distribute meals to people in the community. It is great to see what happens to the surplus food that FareShare North East redistributes”.

Leigh began by volunteering in the warehouse but realised that something a little less physical was needed, hence the move to being part of the office team. It’s a family duet since Leigh’s daughter, Anna, is also a volunteer at FareShare North East. Working together as a family unit is very special to Leigh. Leigh also comments that all the staff and volunteers are very friendly and there is a great vibrant energy in the warehouse. The benefits of volunteering at FareShare North East are infinite; as well as reflecting on food waste and food poverty generally, it has also made Leigh think about her own food consumption and waste.

“I’ve met some interesting and great people, tasted some delicious food and recently been inspired to cook some new things with celeriac and beetroot!”

While volunteering has been a welcome and useful distraction during the past year, Leigh is heartened and uplifted to know that she is part of an organisation that is making a difference to our society.

Our volunteers are at the heart of everything we do. It is our amazing volunteers like Leigh that help us get food to those who need it most in the region. Find out more about volunteering