The North East is thought to have some of the most deprived areas in the UK, with thousands living in food poverty. We are asking our supporters to get involved and champion our work by raising both money and awareness in the local community. By dedicating your time and effort, big or small, into fundraising for FareShare North East, you are helping us feed vulnerable people across the region.

Here’s some initial ideas we have put together to get you started, but you can go your own way and add others to this list!:


General Fundraising Ideas

Get active – take on a challenge!

Whether it is running, swimming, cycling or even participating in a long zumba session, taking on a challenge can boost your mental wellbeing, fitness and it pushes you the extra mile. In August 2021, our volunteers cycled 1,000 in 13 days, by cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats and raised £7,500!

Organise An Event

Why not bring friends or colleagues together to organise an event to raise money for FareShare North East? There are plenty of ways you can support our work, from luncheons, bake sales, dinner parties, sports tournaments or cocktail parties – lots to choose from! In June, John, Paul and Avery jumped out of a plane to raise money for FareShare North East!

Give It Up

Looking to give up alcohol, chocolate or coffee? Why not use this as an opportunity to raise money! The savings you could make from giving up a ‘sweet treat’ for a month or two really adds up. If you had an americano coffee every week day from a chain store and you gave it up, it could save you £10, enough money to provide 40 meals for vulnerable people in the north east!

School Fundraising Ideas

Non-uniform Day

Try a non-uniform day at your school where pupils pay £1 each for the privilege of wearing their own clothes. This often goes down well with the pupils!

Bake Sale

How about holding a bake-sale full of sweet treats? This can be done at a local school fate or as part of a rainbow, brownie or girl guide event. Everyone loves a good cake (or two)!

School Disco

Choose a theme, round up some volunteers and sell tickets to an all-years school disco. Sell some refreshments to boost the fundraising efforts!

Student Fundraising Ideas

Partner With FareShare North East

If you are part of a society at university, why not raise money for FareShare North East during your socials and events? For example, spectators at a dodgeball game could donate £2, a portion of the Summer Ball tickets could be donated or even set up your own fundraising ideas/events and donate the money to FareShare North East. We can help you with forming fundraising ideas and the logistics behind us, just let us know!

University Challenge

Host your own ‘University Challenge’ quiz rather than going on the real thing! Bring together some representatives from different courses and go head to head between universities to see who comes out on top. Attendance to the event can raise money that will go towards feeding vulnerable people across the region.

Fundraising from Home

Mask Fundraiser

If you have some free time on your hands, you can raise money for FareShare North East by making masks and selling them to your local community. You are free to be creative and make your own designs!

Host A Quiz

Why not create and host a quiz (choosing your own theme of course) with friends, colleagues or family? This could be done virtually too! Ask for a donation upon entry and collectively raise money for FareShare North East.

Working From Home Outfits

Working from home starting to lose its sheen? You could try jazzing up your outfits for your zoom meetings or dress up in fancy dress costumes! Or you can donate yourself or ask if your colleagues would sponsor you to do this. Of course you need to check with your management team!

Donate Your Commute

The best part about working from home is that the commute is only downstairs or to another room! You may want to take advantage of working from home by donating the money you save on travel. It doesn’t even have to be travel, it could be the money you saved on a manicure, haircut or a shopping spree!

Community Food Member Fundraising Ideas

International Food Cook-Off

You could bring people from different backgrounds and cultures together through an international food cook-off. Beneficiaries could be encouraged to make a speciality dish of their choice and share it with others. Price each small bite or meal at £1-2 and taste food from many different countries! You could also help reduce food waste by cooking with surplus food provided by FareShare North East.


These are only a few ideas of how you can get involved in fundraising for FareShare North East. Every donation, big or small, will help support our mission of fighting hunger and tackling food waste.

If you want to fundraise, or have any ideas about fundraising activities we have missed, please Contact Us and a helpful staff member will get back to you.