We redistributed 1,718 tonnes of surplus food to 285 charities and community groups in 2021…enough for 4 million meals!

Looking back on 2021

2021 was a challenging year for FareShare North East, due to HGV driver shortages which has hit the food industry hard over the last few months. There has been a shortage of over 100,000 HGV drivers, which has been further compounded by the pandemic, Brexit, and delays to approving hauling licences, which has left the food industry depleted with stock due to supply chain issues. As a result, this has influenced the amount of food volumes entering our warehouse. This is impacting not only FareShare North East but the food industry as a whole, from growers through to supermarkets.

Thank You

However, FareShare North East have made sure that food is still sent out to our members reliably. We estimate that in 2021, the number of people accessing FareShare North East food to be over 34,000, a rise of roughly 8,000 since last year. Our service is needed more than ever, but this would not be possible without our amazing volunteers, supporters, partners and members who have continued to support us through these complicated times.

More than Meals…

A report from FareShare UK and NatCen has shown that as a result of being a FareShare member, organisations say that they have more financial resources ‘freed up’, they have more food and/or a better variety, quantity and nutritional value than they would otherwise be able to access. They are also able to access more people and provide more services that go beyond the provision of food, increasing their own impact in the community. Take a look at our statistics below to find out more, from FareShare UK.

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