Where Does The Food Come From?

The food that we supply is good-to-eat surplus food that is provided by the food industry. Surplus food can be surplus for a number of reasons… whether to much of it is ordered, incorrect trend forecast, packaging errors or seasonal promotions ending! The food is donated by some of the biggest supermarket chains in the UK, as well as national, regional and local food retailers.

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Our Membership Fee

We are a non-profit charity and in order to remain sustainable, we charge our members a nominal fee to cover operational costs, such as warehouse space, chillers, delivery vehicles, fuel and any associated staff and volunteer cost. The cost is a very small percentage of the food supplied to you.

We have found that if our members had to replace the food they receive from FareShare North East, it would cost them an additional £7,900 a year on average. Once we receive your application, we can provide you with further information about our membership.

Can My Organisation Receive Food?

In order to receive food, your organisation should demonstrate that you can provide a safe food service to your users. Upon registration, we check you are:

  • Registered with your local Environmental Health Office (we can support you with this)
  • Equipped to safely recieve, store, prepare and serve food (a member of staff will conduct a kitchen check)
  • Hold the IEHO Basic Food Hygiene Course Certificate (or equivalent), which ensures your staff are competent at supervising food handling and preparation.
  • Trained to safely handle food (this applies to staff and volunteers)
  • Fit to adhere to food safety legislation and current best practise.

Our friendly members of staff are on hand to help you reach these standard if you are not quite there yet. 

How Do We Sign Up?

Complete this form on FareShare UK’s website. A member of staff will get back to you between 5-10 working days. They will talk to you about how we can provide you with surplus food.