FareShare Go enables eligible organisations to collect good quality, surplus food for free from their local participating supermarket.

FareShare Go will match you with your local store which will send out a text notification to a representative of the organisation on your chosen donation day to collect. The organisation then collects the food themselves from the supermarket, either that night or the next day.

This service is available across the North East, whether or not you have a full FareShare North East membership.

How Do I Sign Up?

In order to receive food you must be a charity, school or community organisation that is equipped to receive, prepare and serve food safely. One of our FareShare Go representatives will visit the premises to conduct a Hygiene and Food Safety assessment to ensure that you are using food in accordance with the relevant safety and handling procedures.

To proceed, fill out this form and you will be contacted by one of the FareShare Go team who will provide you with further information. Have any more questions, click here.

About The Food

The food offered to you is of good quality but it can no longer be sold by a retailer. This is due to; incorrect or damaged packaging or it has a short shelf life, for example. This does not have an impact on the standard or safety of the food and it will always be within its use by dates and perfectly good to eat. Food available will often change depending on the supermarket’s circumstances, but it will mainly consist of; bread, pastries, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables. The food varies from store to store from supermarket to supermarket, but helps charities and community groups to reduce their weekly food budgets.

How Is It Different To A Full FareShare North East Membership?

FareShare Go takes food from the supermarket (retail) level of the food industry. A full FareShare North East membership takes food from the wholesale and manufacturing levels of the food industry. The FareShare Go scheme enables charities and community organisations to collect food straight from the supermarket, whereas FareShare North East membership delivers weekly, straight to the door of the organisation.