From types of food, to delivery schedules…we’ve answered all your FareShare North East Membership queries below.

How does FareShare North East operate?

FareShare North East receives surplus, good-to-eat food from a variety of sources, including national, regional and local food growers, manufacturers, and retailers. Our operations team check each of our members’ requirements and then allocate the food we receive to each organisation. Once the food is in our warehouse, our team of volunteers pack the selected food and then deliver it to our members across the North East. Because of the nature of our organisation, the food we deliver will vary from week to week.

Is my organisation eligible?

Please get in touch with us if you are unsure. We now no longer provide food to food banks or organisations packing food parcels.

What do you deliver?

We provide a mixture of fresh, chilled and frozen foods that are good quality and in-date that you can use to help feed the people you support. Each week we provide approximately 100kg of food – this amounts to the equivalent of over 190 meals per delivery.

How do we sign up?

To become a member, please complete the Expression of Interest form here. Please wait up to 5-10 working days for your application to be processed. You will then hear back from a member of staff via email.

Why should we sign up?

There are many benefits of becoming a FareShare North East Member, these include:

  • Access to a wide variety of quality food
  • A reduction in your food spending
  • More time to spend focusing on your charity’s service users
Can we return food or swap it?

For traceability we need to know where the food has gone, so we are unable to accept returns or take back parts of deliveries.

Can we request a time to receive a delivery?

We operate morning & afternoon windows, generally between 08:30 – 12:30 or 12:30 – 16:00, therefore, we cannot guarantee an exact time of delivery and that it will be the same each week. As our vans travel to different areas of the North East each day, in order to ensure sustainability and reduce emissions, you will be allocated a delivery day upon registration.

Can we ask for specific food to be included in the delivery?

We operate at scale to keep costs low and copy allocations by type of project, this means we can’t tailor allocations to individual groups or specific requirements.

How much does a membership cost?

When you submit your application form, we will send you a membership pack with details of membership fees and how to pay. The membership fee allows us to be sustainable in our operations as it covers the cost of petrol for the van etc.

Can we sign up for FareShare Go and a FareShare North East Membership?

Yes. You can sign up to receive FareShare Go and FareShare North East Membership at the same time.

Can we collect our food deliveries from your warehouse?

Yes, you may want to collect your deliveries from our warehouse based in Westerhope.

When is your warehouse open?

Our warehouse is open 8am-4pm. Please let us know if you plan to see us prior to visiting. Due to Covid-19 regulations, we are maintaining social distancing and trying to prevent many people entering our warehouse. We do not open on the weekends and on bank holidays – therefore, our members will not receive a delivery on those days as outlined in their agreement.

How long will it take after I submit the application form before I get a delivery?

Please allow between 5-10 working days for your application to be processed. We will then contact you with more information and next steps.

I am an individual in need of support, can I collect food for myself?

Due to the nature of our operations, we do not deliver directly to individuals. Click here if you are an individual in need of support.

Health and Safety Information: Covid-19 for CFMs

FareShare North East takes the wellbeing of our staff and volunteers very seriously. We endeavour to keep our staff and volunteers safe as far as is practicable, as well as making sure our food deliveries are being made safely.

To reduce the risk of transmission, we have introduced ‘no contact delivery’. This is a similar protocol to home delivery services and postal workers. Upon arrival, FareShare North East volunteer drivers will signal to the staff at the organisation that they have arrived (they will not enter the building) and they will unload the food at the agreed delivery door. Staff at the organisation should take trays/cold boxes in and retain until the next delivery, or decant delivery at the door so trays can be returned.

If collecting food from our warehouse, the community food member should wait at our loading bay until a staff member or volunteer greets them outside with their delivery.

For further information about the measures we are taking during Covid-19, click here.