Vicky Pattison Visits Hebburn Helps

In 2024, our commitment to reaching over 200 front-line charities remains unwavering. Among these vital organisations stands Hebburn Helps QAVS, a food bank nestled in the heart of Tyneside. The dedicated Hebburn Helps QAVS team have created a supportive and inclusive environment that uplifts those in need. At FareShare North East, we take immense pride in supporting their tireless work with a weekly supply of 160kg of surplus food, ensuring that they can continue serving those in need.

Recently, Hebburn Helps QAVS had the honour of hosting Vicky Pattison, who dedicated a day to volunteer at Hebburn Helps QAVS before embarking on her Arctic Circle Challenge to raise funds for Red Nose Day 2024. Vicky’s commitment to championing a local cause that truly matters has been nothing short of inspiring. Her involvement not only raises awareness of food insecurity but also highlights the importance of community support in addressing such pressing issues.

In a poignant reflection on the realities of poverty and hunger, Vicky Pattison stated, “Most of us associate poverty and hunger with something happening miles away, you don’t think it’s happening on your doorstep.” This sentiment rings true for many, but at FareShare North East, we confront these challenges head-on, providing vital support to our local community through weekly supplies of good-to-eat surplus food.

As we continue our mission to support those facing adversity, we remain deeply grateful for the support of individuals like Vicky Pattison and the ongoing generosity of our community. Together, we can create a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

Are you interested in receiving surplus food for your charity? Find out more here about how you can partner with us.