Volunteer Spotlight – Meet Kate and Charlotte

Kate and Charlotte, volunteers at FareShare North East have been volunteering with us for over a year and have made a huge impact on helping vulnerable people by picking and packing on a weekly basis for different organisations and local community groups. Rebecca, our Fundraising and Communications Co-ordinator, managed to speak to them to find out why they started volunteering here, their background and a little more about who they are. 

Why did you start volunteering here?

We both retired at similar times, it was something to do together and to help the community. We had other friends who worked here so they passed it onto us. It was very different to what we had done before and to our previous jobs. 

What jobs did you have previously?

Kate – I was a Physiotherapist for 35 years 

Charlotte – I was a Doctor for 30 years

How long have you been friends for?

We have been friends for 20 years through our children and best friends ever since. 

Working here, do you get to catch up every week? 

It’s a friendly team of people, it’s a nice environment to work in. You get to meet other people and chat and find out what other people’s interesting walks of life have been like.

Do you think FareShare does a good job and has an impact on the community?

They have a very good effect on the community, at the moment money is tight and there’s a lot of food poverty going around. Also, I think the environmental side of it is attractive as well, saving landfill, so I think it serves a dual purpose. 

Thanks Kate and Charlotte for your continued support working with us every single week. You are both a huge help in the warehouse and an asset to our volunteering team!

If you would like to volunteer for FareShare North East, please click here.