Volunteer Spotlight – Meet Moira

VolunteersFareShare North East redistributes approximately 34 tonnes of surplus food a week to 285 community groups across the north east of England. We could not do this without our fantastic volunteers. Moira volunteers as one of our warehouse assistants and helps to make some of these deliveries. Moira has been volunteering at FareShare North East since May 2020. 

“I was unaware of the extent of the geographical area that FareShare North East covers. It is amazing”

After retiring in 2018 and tackling all those irritating jobs that we all leave to another time, Moira was attracted to the work of FareShare North East.

“Volunteering provides structure to my week. I know that every Thursday I am at FareShare North East and that takes priority. During lockdown the journeys out were a welcome change to my local area”.

Moira goes on to say, “I signed up as a driver or drivers mate. When I saw the size of the vans I decided against being a driver! Interacting with members of the community and knowing that the food is a vital part of helping so many people bringing a profound sense of satisfaction”. She was a registered dietitian in Newcastle for 30 years, devising and delivering nutrition education courses for both individuals and community groups. Moira sees an overlap between her previous experience and the work of FareShare North East’s Members.

Moira sets a great example of how to use surplus food to its full potential with her mouth-watering culinary delights, that we all have the pleasure of enjoying. She is deeply committed to the work of FareShare North East and acknowledges that one must really believe in the importance of its work in order for the organisation to thrive and flourish.

Volunteers like Moira have the passion and commitment that helps enable FareShare North East to help fight hunger and tackle food waste.


We are always looking for volunteers to join our team. If you would like to volunteer for FareShare North East, click here to apply.