Newcastle College Placements 2021-22

From September 2021 to June 2022 we were joined by six students who have been getting some hands-on work experience while studying on the Supported Internship placement course at Newcastle College

Welcoming the Placement Students

The students worked in the office, helping to sending out emails to groups we deliver to, logging volunteer hours and filing. Some students also worked in the warehouse, learning about working with stock, manual handling and food hygiene, as well as pick food deliveries to go out to our members.

The Impact of the Placement

We spoke with Lynn, the SEND Preparing for Work Coordinator within the School of Learning Development at Newcastle College about the impact of the placements:

“During the placement, the students were able to build on their confidence and employability skills. This was done by working as part of the team and using their initiative when required. They were also also to build on the social skills that some students lacked at the start of the placement, however, during the course this was becoming evident that they were able to talk to new people and work alongside them.

The college are so grateful for the opportunity that FareShare gave to the students in hosting the placements. The work the students carried out allowed them to build on the transferrable skills that will enable them to apply for jobs in a range of areas. Students have become more confident in different environments and with different situations they may face. They have also been able to add this to their CV, making them more employable when applying for jobs.”

What did the placement students say?

“It was an excellent working experience, the staff were polite and would guide you if you got confused on what to do, so it helped me with confidence and gave me better work experience”

“Working at FareShare has changed my life as not only did I get to work in a warehouse environment for the first time, but I also got to meet some amazing people who I am still friends with to this day. FareShare opened my eyes on food insecurity and just how big of an issue it is across the UK, because of this I am extremely grateful that I can go home and have a warm meal when others might not get to do that. I would love to thank FareShare for giving me this amazing time I had working for them and changing the way I see food and charity”

We are so thankful the placement students joined us and we wish them all the best for the future!

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